Legendary duo

Billy & Charly

A proud Pittsburg native and the Multimedia Specialist for Connections House. Billy's true passion lies in dancing, finding it therapeutic for his physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. When he is not behind the camera or editing photos and videos you can find him teaching Freestyle and Choreography at LGNDS Studios based in Hercules! Through dance, Billy has forged inspiring connections and cultivated beautiful friendships, making it a transformative experience. In his personal life, Billy draws inspiration from a close friend who battles bipolar disorder. This friend's resilience and dedication to overcoming mental health challenges inspire Billy to dance in his honor. After facing a serious injury during the COVID era, dance became not only a means of self-improvement but a source of positive energy for both himself and others. Dancing alongside his friend Charly, whom he met in the Clubhouse, Billy sees this as an opportunity to break out of comfort zones and support Charly in his mental health journey. Billy is excited to contribute to the community's well-being through the universal language of movement.

Billy Gutierrez

Charly Vera-Valle

A proud Contra Costa native, Charly embarked on a diverse journey from LA to finally call Contra Costa home. Currently exploring career paths in arts, mental health, or education, Charly aims to leave a positive impact on lives. With a lifelong passion for drawing, he found a second creative outlet in psychology as an adult. Despite familial challenges, Charly's resilience shines through, overcoming a dark chapter from his attempted suicide and choosing transformation over complacency. His diverse interests extend to a history of fixating on hip-hop dance during middle school, hinting at a potential showcase of his inner swag to the world. Dancing for the Connections House Gala is a special honor for Charly, representing gratitude for the support the organization provided in terms of structure, home, community, and opportunity. Charly's powerful message: "It's possible to be at the other end of the light. I stopped arguing for my limitations and decided to surpass them instead."