Pamela & Cesar

Originally from Danville, Pamela currently serves as a psychologist and behavioral health manager for the Diablo Service Area at Kaiser Permanente. In her role, Pamela oversees integrated mental health care across various healthcare domains, emphasizing equal access to quality healthcare throughout life. Beyond her professional commitments, Pamela is deeply passionate about movement, expressing itself in daily exercises like running, swimming, skiing, hiking, and a love for travel. Growing up around serious mental illness, Pamela's formative experiences, particularly with her uncle's schizophrenia, inspired her journey to become a psychologist. Participating in the Connections House Gala holds special significance as she's honored to be nominated by the Coombs family and dances to support KP's community benefit mission. Lastly, Pamela dances to raise awareness about the impacts of mental illness and advocate for increased access to services like the clubhouse for all individuals affected by mental health challenges.

Pamela Orren

Cesar Rojo

Cesar Rojo is a highly skilled, cross trained ballroom dancer. Having competed in all styles throughout his career, Cesar has learned a bit of it all! From participating in formations, to leading and coaching teams, he has had the privilege of developing a well-rounded set of dance knowledge. He values teamwork and community and expresses that in his teaching. Cesar is eternally grateful for the gift of dance in his life and is excited to present the same opportunity for others.