Daniel & Linda

Meet Daniel, hailing from Taiwan and now happily retired from a career in Financial Services since 2022. Their passions include their fiancée, dancing, singing, reading, and helping others. He finds joy in ballroom and tap dancing so he is excited to showcase the joy of dancing with their fabulous fiancée, Linda Iannotta. With their wedding with Linda approaching in April, Daniel is enthusiastic about participating in this remarkable event, celebrating love and supporting a meaningful cause.

Daniel Lo

Linda is a Concord native currently serving as a Coordinator of Accreditation and Regulatory for John Muir Health. Beyond her professional life, Linda is passionately involved in volunteer work, contributing as a Compassionate Companion for JMH and supporting Animal Rescue. With a personal connection to mental health challenges through a loved one's struggle and tragic outcome, Linda brings empathy and understanding to the cause. Dance has been a lifelong passion for Linda, starting at 8 with various styles before falling in love with ballroom dance at 17. Dancing for the Connections House Gala is a heartfelt decision rooted in Linda's belief in the organization's mission and commitment to a community centered around mental health recovery. Grateful for their role at John Muir Health, Linda is eager to support the partnership with Connections House and contribute to a cause that aligns with their values.

Linda Ianotta