Flow Fusion

Kat & Monica

Originally from Antioch, California, now residing in Pittsburg, juggling two beloved jobs as a Recovery Coach with Peer Connections and a Fitness Coach with P2P. Her true passion lies in revealing the untapped potential within members, pushing them beyond limits and witnessing their moments of triumph. Kat's personal connection to mental health is profound, as she dances on "So Do You Think You Can Dance?" to inspire her daughter battling severe depression, emphasizing the importance of embracing life's challenges. With a background in Filipino Folklore dance during high school and college, Kat takes the stage at the Connections House Gala, not only to showcase her dancing skills but to impart a powerful message to her kids – encouraging change and finding beauty in discomfort. Her dance is a celebration of resilience and a testament to the strength that exists within everyone, emphasizing the significance of mental health awareness. Kat's journey is a heartfelt and inspiring tale of embracing life's uncertainties and spreading positivity through dance.

Kat Dietzel

Monica Santana is a professionally trained Ballroom and Social Dance instructor and competitor. She has trained with several top coaches and champions throughout her dance career, and continues to expand her knowledge. Throughout her dance journey she has had the pleasure of helping her students receive Top Student awards as well as winning 1st place in the Pro/Am Gold Smooth Division. Along with helping students compete, she also loves helping students become successful social dancers! Dancing and teaching dance are her passions and she shares every bit of that joy with all her students!

Monica Santana