Jane Fischberg


Jane Fischberg (she/her), MHC’s Interim CEO, joined Mental Health Concerns in January 2024, and is thrilled to lead the organization these next six - eight months, while the Board of Directors recruits a long term CEO.

From 1997- 2021 she was in various leadership roles at Rubicon Programs, serving as the President and CEO from 1999 - 2000.  Based in Richmond, with services throughout Contra Costa and Alameda counties, Rubicon was founded in 1973 as a community response to closure of locked mental health care facilities throughout California, being part of the movement to establish accessible, strengths based, quality community based mental health recovery services.  

Under Jane’s leadership, Rubicon evolved into a high performing organization well regarded for its whole-person approach, recognized for its establishment of an unequivocal antiracism stance, and having a strong financial position.  She led the organization through several major changes including development of its first theory of change, sharpening its focus on ending poverty, and undertaking the work to dismantle the characteristics of white supremacy.   This journey included planning and intentionality around advancing Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) leadership and power building.  

As Rubicon transformed its culture and practices to center racial equity, Jane focused on developing the conditions for BIPOC leadership and success, realizing that Rubicon’s path to continued vitality and effectiveness necessitated having leadership further along the continuum of lived experience of people the organization was serving.  The Board of Directors undertook an executive search informed by these values, appointing a new CEO, an existing Rubicon leader, who has the capacity and conviction to fulfill the promise of Rubicon's potential as an antiracist and anti poverty organization.

After a successful transition, including serving as a Senior Advisor to Rubicon’s incoming CEO, Jane left Rubicon to shift her efforts elsewhere in the social sector.  Since 2021, she has been providing capacity building services including individual and group coaching and interim leadership.  Her focus has been providing cohort based management support to social sector CEOs who are striving to create inclusive workplaces and are eager to delve into how their own leadership can advance these efforts.  

Jane received her BA from Williams College in Massachusetts and her MPA from San Francisco State University, with additional training at Stanford Business School and at Harvard Business School’s  Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Leadership.

She serves on the Board of Directors of Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, in Oakland and Stockton, with summer programming in Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara counties.

Outside work and community involvement, Jane enjoys exploring the East Bay's hiking paths and staircases, practicing yoga, cooking and eating good vegetarian food and spending time with beloved friends and family.  She lives in the East Bay, is kept in line by her two cats, and is proud of her adult son who never fails to make her laugh.